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July 2016

The difference between type 1 and type 2 approvals on retro reflective tape!

In these tough times everybody is searching for efficiencies and trying to find the most economical solutions, there is one pitfall to be aware off.

Retro reflective tape can have 2 types of approval, this is as simple, as it is as confusing:
-          Type 1 retro reflective material – this material can only be used indoor and cannot handle continues outdoor exposure.
-          Type 2 retro reflective material – this material can be used indoor and can handle continues outdoor exposure.

 What happens when you use type 1 for outdoor applications, it’s simple, the tape will turn yellow within weeks and loses it’s reflective properties.

Above an example of a type 1 approved tape being exposed for 4 weeks

So, although it might seems like a good saving, always be sure to use/sell, a type 2 approved reflective tape, without it, you/your customers life saving appliances will not be in complaince quickly.

Please note that 95% of the replacement reflective tapes used on board are used for outdoor applications like EPIRB’s, lifeboats, etc.

July 2015
Solastape.com present its new housestyle and new productflyer.

In order to be of better service we have upgrade our flyers and our general productrange Solastape.com still is and will be the site where all marine persons can find specialized high grade marinetapes where necessary with all approvals.

Since 2003 now 12 years later we have approx 20 type approvals , sold more than 10 million meters and have a network with 65 dealers

Click here for the productflyer
January 2015

Solastape is proud to announce that they have renewed various certificates from there Anti Splash tape standard.

Due to the international demand Solastape also approved there new Anti Splash tape SprayStop 50+ now by CCS, DNV & GL PDF are available on demand. Currently  new more approvals for the SprayStop are under construction

November 2014
T-ISS introduces RustStop a new petrolatum corrosion protection tape

RustStop tape is used to protect pipingsystems and constructions from corrosion.

It is a soft and sticky adhesion tape which is easy to apply standard in 50 or 100mm wide format

• Metal pipe protection against external corrosion
• No tools required
• Suitable for all piping in & outdoor buried or above water
• RustStop is a petrolatum impregnated cloth tape that can be spirally wrapped around metalpiping.

August 2014
Leak & Seal kit

T-ISS introduces the Emergency Leak and Seal kit (ELS kit) This is an all inclusive response kit that enables immediate action when situations demand it. A wrench and water are all that's needed to use the ELS kit.

No Special training is required, but make sure the crew is familiar with the kit and working procedures. The ELS kit is versatile; use it for hazardous and non-hazardous chemical service.
October 2014

Fake copies Anti Splash Tape

To all our clients be informed there is a company distributing a fake Anti Splashing Tape called Tosoflex. Tosoflex is a fake name pretending to be a german Brand. The companies distributing this using certificates which are a mix up of T-ISS certificates with changed names. Be informed that this is an inferior NON certified copy product. See attached picture of a copied modified certificate.

Click on image to enlarge
February 2014

T-ISS can announce that the famous Solasflex tape is now also approved by Russian Register of Shipping. In order to support our Russia agents & clients , the Factory was audited in Ferbruary 2014.

Indeep quality checks where taken and all standards was found according to the requirements

Januari 2014

Dinxperlo, January 2014,

T-ISS is delighted to announce that there anti splashing tape Spray Stop received new GL Type Approval which is valid till end 2017.At the same time Spray Stop extended the product range with a high pressure version called SprayStop 50+ !!!!!! This anti splash tape has been tested on pipes up to 80 bars pressure without any problem when winded 2 or 3 times.

In cooperation a single wind SprayStop is already approved till 37 Bar pressure When manufacturer's instructions are followed the products can stand 50 bar pressure when double winded at least.

December 2013 
Solasflex Extreme Test

During the period of mid 2011 till Xmas 2013 , a Volvo XC90 was equipped with Solasflex reflectors at each corner of the car for better identification.
The car travelled within this period 140.000 km all over Europe was always parked outside and was placed in the carwash every 2 weeks.

At the enclosed picture you can see the result, the material was still in excellent condition.
In the same period 3 other solasgrade foils was tested in a similar way, the results was devastating, the tape was gone after 5 months and was totally discoloured
July 2013
Click to enlargeDinxperlo, July 2013,

T-ISS is delighted to announce that there anti splashing tape Spray Stop received new Type approval Which is valid till end 2017.At the same time Spray Stop extended the product range with a high pressure version called SprayStop 50+ 

This anti splash tape has been tested on pipes up to 80 bars pressure without any problem when winded 2 or 3 times.In cooperation a single wind SprayStop is already approved till 37 Bar pressure When manufacturer's instructions are followed the products can stand 50 bar pressure when double winded at least.
March 2013

T-ISS HeatStop is a modified basalt fiber with an aluminium layer for heatinsulation, it is definitely 100% environmental & health friendly material. HeatStop, it is temperature resistant till far above 1000 Celsius. Also recently type approved by BV. Compared to similar products in market our HeatStop fiber is environmental friendly material, that is more and more used to replace glass or ceramic fibres.
Similar products in shipping industry contain Fibres which are treath to human health similar as ASBEST..
HeatStop has been developed and tested for your reference, it showed HeatStop is not of any harm for human health, is a lot safer to use than ceramic or other fibres which could cause breathing related healthproblems. The HeatStop tape comes with an modified reinforced Aluminiumbonding adhesive tape to close the ends of the wrapping.
September 2012

Click to enlargewe at Solastape have discovered in recent years several products which did not have the compliance as requested / stated in IMO regulations. We therefore would like to attend our clients, partners on fact that equal looking products sometimes are counterfeit or in some cases do not comply with standards. All product complaints we discover, by informations given by our clients, we will pass on towards Classifications or other government institutes. In recent time we even have discovered reflective tape with a wheelmark homologation which looked good but quality was far below standard.

See picture above ( from left to right left a normal wheelmark ok product after accelerated weathertest as stipulated by IMO, middle and right 2 “wheelmark approved”solastapes after same weathertest)
August 2012

T-ISS & Safe Sign will present there extended range of worldwide wellknown Solastapes & Safety Signage during the METS Trade Show from 13 to 15 November in the METS Tradeshow in Amsterdam. Also a worldwide novelty will come to market which will be first presented at the METS show. We like to see our clients, agents, dealers and partners at the show. Drop by and have a drink with us.
January 2012

Solastape is introducing new extra long superglow Light Line Low Location Light marking tape. The product is wheelmark approved by DNV. For use upon RoRo, Ferry & Cruislinevessels, the new innovated product already works in areas with luminance below 15 lux. Product has been extensive tested by various specialist around the world. It is available in all sizes from 20mm wide up to 250mm wide, Will be supplied as self adhesive rolls of individual length of 10 meter.

June 2011
Canada, Click to enlarge

Staff of T-ISS visited Canada to expand market for Reflextapes. Meetings with local Service stations have been undertaken and relationships have been extended.
Specialist from Aviation industry see attached pictures have been explaining details of products to be used in Aviation. We will extend cooperations with diverse activities in order to expand markets.
March 2011

intensive R&D together with leading shipowners and manufacturers have resulted in development of a new hatch cover tape. Although hatchcover-tapes are long known there is still lots of items which can be improved. Tape engineers have modified existing covertapes into a new brand for the Solastape range. The product called HaCo tape can be directly recognized by its extreme weather resistant blue PE-liner which is so far unique in its kind. Therefore ask in future for blueliner HaCo tape.
February 2011

due to frequent contacts in 2009-2010 in the China market for shipbuilding we was aware that our productrange also should have the necessary local Type approvals of CCS.
The growing China market asks for this Class type approval and therefore it is a logical decision to conform to local demands.
Attached the Surveyor Rongh on Headoffice in Busan together with MD R Verstegen finalising details.

More news to come..
December 2010

In order to increase the range of Solastapes T-ISS have done sveral testing and invested in R&D to extend the range of Solastapes.
This resulted in introduction of DripStop Tape  a New innovated tape available for the international marine world.
This so called No Leak or Non leaking tape exceeds characters set by others and will help us achieving a better portfolio for our agents.

For more information see our product page...

More news to come soon....
November 2010

T-ISS achieved type approval from Italian Class RINA for the Anti Splash tape Spray Stop.
In order to have all necessary documents for OEM & local agents T-ISS still is dedicated to achieve also all local Type Approvals.
In order to cooperate closer with our Italian agents & Rina classed shipowners we are pleased to have now this type approval.

More news to come soon...

July 2010

since start of introduction of Solasflextape towards Asian market in beginning of 2010, we have visited several clients in Japan, Korea & China.
Our sales representative Mrs Celine Wei stays in direct contact with manufacturers of Lifeboats, Rafts and PFD. Frequent visits and testing of our products already show very succesfull results. Although competition by local copies and low grade materials is hard, Solasflex goes there way towards clients who want quality and service.
T-ISS & Alligator will support all potential clients with the best possible support in business
May 2010

T-ISS have restyled the Name print on there famous Spray Stop anti splashing tape
6 years after the start of this tape, the design of the Print was updated due to several requests of
clients , agents and even 1 classification.
The new Print shows still the products name but also all class logos, see picture next to here.
Juny 2010

Athens, June 2010,

Posidonia Expo was again a great gathering of Shipping specialists
T-ISS Solastapes was also there in order to present latest developments and increase customer contacts.
Together with long term partner Poseidon group clients were informed about latest news. Although it are hard
times in shipping world T-ISS keeps pushing in order to create a better and more wellknow marketposition,
We thank Poseidon group for hospitallity and great support. Look forward to see all of you again on next Posidonia 2012.

March 2010
Shanghai China,

In the period february, march T-ISS & Alligator jpoined forces inside the China area in order to distribute first direct orders to China clients.
As many customers know T-ISS solastapes for a longtime ,still deliverytimes and pricedifference due to transport & importduties was a hard struggle for sales.
Our new JV partner Alligator who stocks the complete Solasflex tapes in there Pudong office is now able to avoid these problems, the first hard marketing and sales efforts done by our productsspecialist Mrs Celine Wei resulted in distribution and sales contracts already. On attached pictures you see the new clients, Dragon Dynasty Mr Vincent Tsang shipsupply dealer for HK, Macau & Taiwan area and on other picture the Vice MD of Shanghai Star Rubber a wellknow producer of Liferafts.

January 2010
2010 January Asia

6 Years after the start of the introduction of T-ISS Solas reflective tape, T-ISS is happy to announce that from 2010 january we will start direct distributon in Asia from our partners office Alligator in Shanghai. Mrs Celine Wei will take care of clients & distributors in Korea, Japan, China, India and surrounding area. In this way Solasflex reflective tape will be faster available in this area also saving duties and transportcosts.

Contact details:
+86 21 68683978/79

2009 The Netherlands

2009 Netherlands,

It was a exciting period 2009, although it is still a struggeling period in shipbuilding industry T_ISS tries to push Solastape.com forward.
The highlights of 2009 were achievement of LR & KR approval for SprayStop. Our Reflextape Solasflex has new Module B&D certification of GL
In an independant test among 4 manufacturers Solasflex have become selected best tape in business, our tapes exceeds in reflectionvalues, laminationstrength and lifetime.
Furtheron there was also some illegal competition from Manufacturers who achieved wheelmark approvals and supplied inferior quality products, this was brought to the attention of classification companies who have investigated these problems and took necessary action.
November 2009


T-ISS supplied several thousands pipemarking in recent years. Due to investment in new solvent digital print technology we can now offer state of the Art pipemarkings according 14726 ISO standard. A complete production for a single ship can be made in urgent cases within 24 hrs with this ultrafast high resolution printer. Our choice of materials guarantee long lasting identification upon your pipes on board your vessel. Attached pictures shows machine at the Job making products for clients in Japan
March 2009

T-ISS reflextapes haven been choosen to be applied on scandinavians leading manufacturers of high tech dive & immersionsuits.

The solasflex USCG approved tape has the highest reflextion of all available brands existing at the moment and have extreme durability and lamination strength in order to provide long lasting quality and highest safety standards. We are proud manufacturers choose for quality & service and will assure them that we will keep our standards among the highest in the market. T-ISS still there for Saving You......

January 2008

Spray Stop anti splash tape
has been approved by Nippon Kaiji Kyokai classification.
In order to have a better markt recognition in the far east the management of T-ISS applied for the certificate.
Today we are pleased that we received the approval and hope we can satisfy our clients around the globe even more.
We will still be improving our products in order to comply with our company Slogan: Saving You.....
September 2007

The management of T-ISS inspected the new productionline of SprayStop.

The new line enables more flexibility and a higher production efficiency.

SprayStop tape is produced under "cleanroom" circumstances Also there will be a new packaging concept developed, from end 2007 all SprayStop tapes will be shrinkwrapped. On attached picture Ron Verstegen CD of T-ISS is being introduced to the new productionline

August 2007



Solastape presents new layout of flyers for each product.Our image designer Mrs M van Mierlo restyled our flyeres to have a better approach towards our clients. Dealers will receive them in coming months. But they can already being downloaded here as pdf files.

July 2007

Rotterdam, July 2007, after indeep negotations the Rotterdam/Schiedam based company Alligator has become the exclusive appointed dealer for SOLASTAPES in the Netherlands. From 01.08.2007 all solastapes like solas reflective, spraystop anti splash tape and our Piperepairtape PIPEREP are available directly off stock from Alligator. We intend to make an extensive partnership in order to save our clients in Netherlands better.

Juny 2007


Spray Stop anti splash tape has been approved by German Lloyds classification. Although already many times used by ships who are GL classified several shipowners and shipsuppliers have asked us to also install an GL type approval. Today we are pleased that we received the approval by GL and hope we can satisfy our clients around the globe even more. we will still be improving our products in order to comply with our company Slogan:   Saving You.....

May 2007


T-ISS introduces Light Line long-afterglowing tapes for applications to install on vessels as Guideline marking systems.

Light Line tapes are available in 10 meter rolls in different designs and wides.

The Light Line tapes comply with ISO15370 resolution and have an Type approval. For applications to use as LLL system in dark areas Light Line Tapes can be supplied as Ligh Line POWER tapes which have an exterme long afterglow performance

February 2007

Hamburg, developed during last 5 months of 2006 Hoperil GmbH in Cooperation with T-ISS have developed a new piperepairtape for marine applications

This high tech new developed material sets even under water. It comes to the market in simple packages containing gloves. Wateractivated tape packed in alupouches and an epoxy material. The minimum lifetime is 3 years. On the picture we see the Md of Hoperil who inspired the project with his first material brought to his warehouse


September 2006

Coma Ruga , 10 september , \

T-ISS and Dimfer Marine started to cooperate with the distribution of Spray Stop tapes, Dimfer is a young wellknown company with great potential in diesel repair maintenance and wholesale shipsupplies. We have learned that local specialists are the best to have in order to increase potential.

We wish the crew of Dimfer a lot of success for the upcoming future.

August 2006

, Port Hartcourt, since the region of West Africa is getting more and more important day by day in the international shipping & offshore industry T-ISS have finally made the first deal towards this region. After more than 1000 leads , emails and contacts to this area Shoretide Ltd a specialsist for Offshore supplies finally approved the quality and support of T-ISS

July 2006

Odessa , a leading specialised shipsupplier in Ucraine entered a cooperation for solastape with T-ISS.The contacted was iniated by a major Shipmanagement company from Finland who has currently several ships under construction around the world and who appointed T-ISS towards the eastern Europe republics.

Quality management system of "MARKO Ltd" has been assessed and found to be in accodance with the requirements of ISO 9001 in respect of complex ship supply and servicing of convention equipment.


Australian partner

June 2006

Brisbane, Australia, T-ISS & PFD cooperated in developments for Life Jackets.On attached picture the MD of Ultra PFD is showing latest catalogue ofPFD for Leisure applications. PFD & T-ISS have met each other by help of friends in industry who required Solastapes in different sizes, T-ISS was able to supply the Solas extreme flexible sew on version within time for the new season. The crew of T-ISS wishes Ultra PFD a perfect year coming

Italian Partner

April 2006

Italy, after extensive testing between several products on the market Can Marine SB from Italia have made the first lifebouys with the
T-ISS reflective tapes, here a picture where the involved persons of the testproject are gathered for a photosession.
M Biraghi, G Filippi & F Bolder

Korean visit

March 2003

Within 2 months after first contact already a second visit by Mr T.S. Park of Sunam was paid to
T-ISS. Cooperation in detail was discussed between F Bolder CEO of T-ISS and Mr Park how to develop the major shipmarket in Korea.
Intensive cooperation in order to give major potential clients like Hyundai & Samsung the required back up is agreed.
The future for 2006 in Korea looks promising and both parties will give there best to expand this businessarea.
On attached picture one can see that MR Park is already used to the local traditions


New South America Partner

February 2006

With help from Spanish friends , T-ISS came into contact with Gandara from Chile who has more than 20 years long expirienced LSA company in Chile. A first deal was agreed at end of January and hopefully it will be the start of many more to come. The T-ISS crew wishes Luis Irles and his collegues a great start to the new year


Korea cooperation

January 2006,

After extensive search for a cooperation partner in one of the leading shipbuilding nations T-ISS has found by help of friends out of the plastic industry a new local representative in South Korea. The company Sunam Trading Cooperation out of Gangdong-Gu, Seoul will start representing T-ISS Spray Stop tapes starting from 1 January officially. The managing director has a long track record in representing leading European manufacturers and bringing them to the users at the Korean Market. The mutual cooperations in recent history between Netherlands & Koreab ( remember worldcup 2002) will hopefully boost also this cooperation.


DNV approval reached

December 2005,

Norway, DNV is one of the world's leading classification societies, and helps the maritime industry manage risk in all phases of the ships life, through ship classification. This in order to create higher safety standards. T-ISS also got from this classification leader the type approval. T-ISS is a specialised manufacturer of high tech tapes for Marine applications.It cooperates with leading companies around the world to innovate and optimize existing tape technologies.


Spray Stop Specialist installed

November 2005,

Genoa, in Italia Sergio Cappato has been appointed as new sales specialist for the new spray stop anti splash tapes for marine applications.
Sergio Cappato has a long track record in technical sales in Italian marine industry. He is also representing alfa laval & fuchs machinery.
T-ISS is sure it will be the beginning of a long and succesfull cooperation.
On attached picture you see Mr Bolder of T-ISS and Mr Cappato who sealed the deal at the port in Genoa.

Italian Cooperation  Extended

November 2005,

During the last week of October a visit to Italia was on the schedule, after already an extensive contact with Jonassohn from genoa it was time for visit. During meeting between Mr Bolder and board of Jonassohn in Genoa further cooperation in the fields of Marine safety were discussed. It all ended up that both partners are on the right way and use each other sources. Jonassohn is a specialist in Liferaftservicing and maintenance of safety related items.

Here T-ISS is an superior supplier with a complete Solastape range and also supply of LLL (Lithium Lifejacket light) approved systems.


DFS Towards new Client

Oktober 2005,

After hard struggle and discussing with over 10 interesting companies, T-ISS finally found right company to deal with in Sweden.
The management was informed by company Bostrom Shipping that DFS –AB in Goteborg would be the right dealer for T-ISS
After first telephone calls , and meetings both parties know each other and are well aware that they are specialist in the field of shipping.
We are pleased to introduce DFS towards our Swedish clients as a reliable partner with knowledge and service.


ABS approval achieved

September 2005,

On the way to global recognition T-ISS achieved the ABS approval for there Spray Stop anti splash tape. It is just the start to achieve the approvals from the leading classification societies. More will follow soon as requests are underway. It will make T-ISS a wellknown  specialised company for special tapes for the Marine industry. T-ISS also serves with other safety related products and cooperates with leading names in the Life Saving world.


Approval for the Spraystop tape

Gdynia: August 2005,

After 1 year of development , tests  and efforts T-ISS achieved of 3 of August finally the first type approval for there Spraystop tape. The Bureau veritas certificate was handed over by office Gdynia the home classification agency of T-ISS. In order for a world wide distribution also other Type Approval as DNV & ABS are underway. With help of the Korean Fire Laboratory, Mrs Sung mi Jo of UTC and several friends out of the shipping industry which helped T-ISS during testing the time for the market introduction is now there. Spraystop a highly specialised anti-splashing tape will be introduced to the Solasmarine market after the summer 2005

New distrubutors

Norway: April 2005,

Kopernaess Brude Safety, located in Alesund has signed an agreement for distribution of CS512 Solasgrade tape of T-ISS in   Norway. Serious examination of the product, which has achieved Wheelmark & USCG approval, by Brudes specialist came to the conclusion that the product has higher qualities than nowerday standards which are in the market.
Brude & T-ISS will cooperate with this matter together towards Safety projects in the Norwegian Marine industry.

Beside the 3 responsible persons inside Brude:Left : Irek Mianowski BD Manager T-ISS, Runar Paulsen MD Brude, Arne Sylte Productspecialist Brude, Lauritz Skeide Commercial director Brude.



Caribbean  June 2005,

after extensive search by T-ISS for an exclusive partner who is a specialist in Marine Safety & Chandling friends appointed T-ISS towards Multi Tech Services Ltd in the Dominican Republic.
After some emails, calls sending samples and exchange of references an agreement between T-ISS & Multi Tech Services was agreed.
Multi Tech Services will start from onwards 24 June to exclusively sell, promote and distribute the CS512 Solasgrade materials.
T-ISS wishes Mr K. Schollenberger and his employees success and will support in all the way they can.
see their website:  www.sdq-shipchandler.com

T-ISS entertains kids at the water.

The Netherlands July 2005,

As every year T-ISS organizes for the local youth some “waterentertaining” this in order to bring the kids closer to all aspects of the Sea and Ocean and what can happen.
After short introduction in theoretical style the kids went on a waterscooter cruise with T-ISS employees.
In this way of having fun and teaching together kids get more conscious about all what can happen on the water and what precautions needs to be taken.

On the picture you see President Frans Bolder teaching kids the dangers of Life.


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